Supporting grandparents who wish to gain access to their grandchildren

About Us

We are a Research and Advocacy group founded in 2001, focusing on grandchild/grandparent access denial.

The Research is reflected in our current six page document entitled: "Family Law Statutes Amendment Act, 2010 - Grandchild/Grandparent Access", and our previous document: "Family Law Act - Grandchild/Grandparent Access".

The Advocacy segment has endeavoured to urge the Government of Alberta to make the necessary changes to legislation, enabling grandparents to maintain ongoing contact with their grandchildren. It has also taken the form of presenting petitions in the Alberta Legislature; addressing individual Government officials; meeting with Government committees; addressing interested groups; presenting the previous research document (the historic legislation), to all members of the Legislature; imparting information to affected grandparents who are denied access to their grandchildren, when grandparents contact us.

We have appeared on radio and television as well as in newspaper and magazine articles, attempting to raise awareness regarding the issue of grandchild/grandparent access denial and highlighting the onus placed on grandparents to gain access to their grandchildren.

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