Supporting grandparents who wish to gain access to their grandchildren



Grandparents in Alberta often experience access denial to their grandchildren, which is contrary to the best interests and rights of children, including their support, development and well-being.

  • *The following petition is intended to “voice” concern to the Alberta Government about this issue, and the Legislation controlling it.

  • *Please feel free to download the following petition and print it off. Sign your name, print your name, and your address including your postal code clearly, or the petition will not be accepted by the Government. Please complete the petition in pen.

  • *Please take or mail the completed and signed petition to your MLA to raise awareness of this issue. Only original documents are accepted by the Government. Photocopied, faxed or electronic copies of petitions are not accepted by the Government.

  • *( Note: only Alberta residents, be they grandparents and/or other Albertans interested in this issue, may sign the petition. )

  • *Completed petitions will be presented to the Alberta Government in the Legislature.

  • Click here to download the PDF and print off - we encourage you to share this with your friends/neighbours. This petition can only be signed by interested residents and affected grandparents of Alberta.

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